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Tyrannosaurus and other dinosaurs of North America
Thunderfeet: Alaska's dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters
World's weirdest dinosaurs
Triceratops vs. Stegosaurus: when horns and plates collide
Spinosaurus vs. Giganotosaurus: battle of the giants
Whose spots are these: a look at animal markings--round, bright, and big
Smooth and rough
This place is wet
Catching sunlight: a book about leaves
Deserts: thirsty wonderlands
Weird friends: unlikely allies in the animal kingdom
Rain forest
A seed in need: a first look at the plant cycle
Cows sweat through their noses: and other freaky facts about animal habits, characteristics, and homes
Food webs: interconnecting food chains
Discover the rain forest
Creepy creatures
Animals staying safe
Cold, colder, coldest: animals that adapt to cold weather
Track that scat
Do bees make butter: a book about things animals make
Disgusting animals
Do turtles sleep in treetops: a book about animal homes
Animals communicating
Whose house is this: a look at animal homes--webs, nests, and shells
Down, down, down: a journey to the bottom of the sea
Ocean counting
The magic school bus on the ocean floor

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